November 2, 2009

Seasame Street's 40th Birthday

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have you noticed that google is having a different seseame street character on their main page every day? it's to celebrate SS's 40th birthday. happy birthday!! growing up, i LOVED seasame street. if i knew what time it was on and i didn't work during the day, i would probably still watch it. the skits were catchy and i wished i were real friends with the characters. who wasn't there when mr. snuffleupagus was revealed to the adults as being real?! who didn't cry when mr. hopper actually passed away?! i don't think i had only favorite character, but if i had to pick i would say that i loved big bird and snuffy. i can't wait until i have kids so they can experience the show like i did. of course that will give me an excuse to watch it all over again

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