November 4, 2009

Tufts Entrepreneurial Network Inaugural Event

Pin It now! i love my alma mater tufts. love it!. i had a fabulous college experience so i try to stay involved with the school as much as possible. last night clara and i went to tufts entrepreneurial network's inaugural event where sara kugelman (class of '85) talked about the two businesses she started. her first one was, an internet start-up back in 1999. i've never heard of it, but it was pretty big with the celebs. her second start-up a few years ago is skyn iceland, a line of natural skincare products that are "specially formulated to treat the effects of stress on skin." check out her company! (i'll shamelessly plug people's products after meeting them for five minutes.) i've used the arctic face mist sample that she gave out yesterday. i'll let you know how it feels after using it for a few days.

it was pretty amazing and inspiring listening to her and sitting in a room with entrepreneurs from all different industries. i networked a bit and asked sara for advice on my small little wedding start-up. her advice: get sufficient funding and try to distinguish yourself, preferably land a celebrity wedding. (i knew i shouldn't have rejected ivanka trump's wedding planner request for her wedding this past weekend.)

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