November 7, 2009

Home in the Garden State

Pin It now! i'm back in my parents' house in nj for the weekend. they needed help doing a major fall house cleaning so i "volunteered" to come home. actually the converation with my mom went like this:
me: "oh, i wanted to come home to visit this weekend."
mom: "great, come for the whole weekend. i need you to clean the windows."

being the guilt-ridden oldest child, i came home. and cleaned the windows. including the screens. i'm glad i don't own a house. or maybe i should have kids soon so when it's time to clean the windows, they'll be old enough for child labor.

i love being home though. they're something about being in the house you grew up in after you've moved away that makes you feel like a kid again. i also like how quiet it is in the suburbs. the only sound at night are the occassional cars that drive by. no honking, no firetrucks, no people shouting outside your window. i slept like a baby last night.

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