November 8, 2009

Summer and Presents in November

Pin It now! it was a gorgeous fall day...t-shirt weather in november! my parents were driving into the city so of course i took the advantage of the ride back. we had lunch and while my mom went to the salon, my dad and i walked around. i love the little things...talking and walking with dad on a gorgeous day and buying groceries in chinatown.

to make the day even better, i (finally) went to bed bath and beyond to exchange the silver kitchen aid stand mixer we got as a wedding gift to a RED kitchen aid stand mixer. i was overjoyed when i saw one of our friends had given it to us, but now that it's red, i can't stop looking at it and adoring it. look out hubby, your new competition is in the apartment ;)

1 comment:

Midtown Girl said...

Hasn't the weather been amazing lately - love it!!

And the red is so eye popping - great piece for your kitchen;-)

I always had my eye on the pink one, but this red is such a great color too!