January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Pin It now! i know i'm a few days behind and i need to do my last-decade lookback, but i wanted to wish you darlings a very happy new year! i've been terrible about posting, but i'll catch you up on our nye karaoke party pics. we also had a new year's day dinner with a few friends and hubby was so excited he cooked the entire meal - all seven dishes, including dessert! i've been crazy insane at work and i've been busy getting my work visa in order. i'll elaborate in a later post, but i'm headed overseas for work! and very soon! i'm just waiting for my visa to get in and for my housing and transporation to get finalized, and then i'll share all the details. i'm getting nervous because hubby isn't coming with me and we haven't been apart this long.

anyway, happy 2010!

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Shannon and Jesse said...

You have a blog award....