February 6, 2010

Hello from London!

Pin It now! so i've been MIA since New Year's and have had terrible blogger's block, but i'm back! and i'm in london! i'm here for work and will be for three months. i've already been here for three weeks, so there's a lot of catching up to do.

i had asked my global manager if i could go to london long term to help train our london team. he thought about it for awhile, and finally came back with the approvals to send me there for 3 months or 1 year. hubby and i had talked about both of us going and possibly making a huge life change. i think when we talked about it, although it was a possibility, it was something other (cool) people do. plus, it would have been together, not just one of us going and one of us staying. when my boss actually came back with an ok, reality hit. if it was 3 months, hubby couldn't quit his job or take a leave of absense just to be my london house bitch. he would have to stay and i would have to go.

without being completely depressing, fast
forward to the day i left. the company flew me business class, and let me tell you that i LOVE how the other half lives. i've flown coach all my life and after this trip will fly coach for the rest of my life. business class is a completely new and amazing experience. you get invited to the airport lounge and you get free food and drinks there. i know, i sound amazed and probably completely naive. it gets better though...just humor me since this is my only chance to live the good life. we board and here's the seat i get to spend the next 6 hours in:
and this is the meal i get. naive or not, i'm still amazed!

my first week here was a whirlwind. as i was getting over my jetlag, i had to juggle two time zones at work, and hubby and i had to find time to talk and video chat with each other with a 5 hour time difference between us. week one came and went, and i realized that this experience has made me a really strong person. i've learned to really take care of myself, physically, emotionally and mentally. being in london also forces me to create effective short term goals (work projects, networking, mentoring, weekend trips, etc.) so that i can get the most out of everything while i'm here. it's amazing what you accomplish when you know you only have a short amount of time to do it. i've also realized that i've taken living in nyc for granted. i definitely don't take advantange of living (just in my opinion) the best city in the world, and it makes me appreciate the things i have waiting for me at home.

more to come...

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Shannon and Jesse said...

London is my 2nd favorite city, its after San Francisco. My family live about an hour and half away, which the English consider to be a long trip! lol!! I have always wanted to live there (or even just close to my extended family).... enjoy!