February 15, 2010

Hubby in London!

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he's here! my husband, the love of my life, has arrived in jolly old london to visit his wife! it's been a month since i've left nyc, and i'm so glad he's here. i've been doing great by myself here, but having him here every day makes it that much easier.

saturday, hubby was a bit jetlagged so we had dinner. sunday was valentine's day and we had a romantic stroll through the british museum along with hundreds of other people. we saw the rosetta stone though! since it was also chinese new year, we went to chinatown for crispy duck and roast chicken and pork. it was so delicious! i missed home though since my parents were having chinese new year dinner with all our relatives at their house. this would have been the first year we gave out red envelopes. although my mom gave it out for us (she threatened that hubby and i would be bad chinese if we didn't), it just wasn't the same in-person. i know, who complains about not having to give out money!

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