February 8, 2010


Pin It now! i'm cheating and writing a post today (feb 24) that i'm dating feb 8. whatever - my blog and my life diary. ok, it's just that i promised to be up to date, but i've been lazy! you're going to get two weeks worth of posts in one day. happy reading!

anyway, back to oxford. i actually have to start by saying that i've met a friend of hubby's, susan, who is my guardian angel here in london. without her, i wouldn't know where the best restaurants are (and i don't just mean the ones listed in zagat) and i wouldn't have been able to feel like home while i was here away from home. she started out as a friend of hubby's who was nice enough to invite me out to dinner with her co-workers the first week i was here. over the past six weeks, she's become a really close friend, not just someone that knows my husband.

so i told her that i was thinking of going to oxford this past weekend, and not thinking she would be interested at all, she told me she's been wanting to go for the longest time, but didn't have anyone to go with. perfect! we took the train from paddington station and arrived an hour later at the cutest and quaintest academic town. we went through oxford university (and imagined what it would be to study there), passed the gardens and churches, made our way through the musuem of natural history (that included my much-obsessed alice in wonderland dodo). i love how historic the town was.

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