February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

Pin It now! i could tell you about my fabulous trip to oxford yesterday, but i'm not going to. why?....because it's superbowl sunday! kickoff was a minute ago...and it's 11:30 pm here in the UK. superbowl has been an annual event for hubby and i ever since we met, and we've had big superbowl parties the last few years. i think sometimes it was more about making (and eating) fabulous food than the football itself. but i'm in london this year and he's in nyc, so no party and no superbowl together. that deserves an upside down smiley face. i just miss him so damn much in times like these!

i made it a point to go into work later tomorrow morning just so i could stay up to watch. i still love being part of a national american event even though i'm across the pond! it's a little strange watching it by myself though. i don't have anyone to ask questions to and it's weird to high-five myself.

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