February 22, 2010

See you soon Love

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boo for farewells, even temporary ones. hubby left early yesterday morning and i'm missing him already. i was anticipating him arriving for so long, and i'm sad that he's headed home already. so what did i do all day yesterday to drown my sorrows...go into work and work a full day. i know, lame!

anyway, enough crying ...back to hubby's trip. the saturday before he left, we walked about 4 miles - from the apartment to regent park, all around the park, and tried to get into the zoo but the line was too long. regent park is gorgeous. i especially loved the gardens and i'm sure they're even more beautiful in the spring and summer. we passed by honest sausage. the line was too long and we had just eaten, but of course hubby needed a picture in front. of course he took a picture of a pub called the cock and lion. then we met up with yael, bryan and baby jonah at wagamama's in marylebone. thanks for lunch guys :)

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