February 21, 2010

Feast at Taiwan Village

Pin It now! we ended hubby's london trip with a delicious chinese dinner. susan and robert have been going to taiwan village for at least a year and know the owners really well. they had invited me a couple of weeks ago and i didn't prepare myself for what a feast i was going to have. susan ordered the chef's menu and we got whatever the chef wanted to cook for us. big dishes of appetizers, crispy duck (aka peking duck), and then more dishes of entrees. who knew people ate like this?

when susan and robert invited hubby and i, along with their friends yana and tommy, out again to taiwan village, i had to prepare myself and hubby. this time, the meal was much more manageable and just as delicious. for starters: crispy string beans, bbq beef, sweet and sour chicken, and two other dishes i can't remember. a crispy duck. for main courses: lamb, chicken, shrimp, pork, lettuce wraps. the guys were actually still hungry and ordered another beef dish. we ended the night with a bar of mo's bacon chocolate that hubby had received with his bacon-of-the-month club bacon.

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