February 19, 2010

Hubby in London! - Part 2

Pin It now! i read somewhere about the kensington roof gardens, which were nicknamed the babylon gardens of london. anything compared to babylon needed to be checked out. i left work a little early and asked hubby to meet me there. it was quite disappointing though since the gardens were bare and quite the opposite of the lush gardens described online. to be fair, it's winter, and i'm sure in the spring and summer it's really beautiful. the flamigos were there though. we wondered how they kept to the rooftop all year round! we ate at cafe rouge and headed over to take the jack the ripper tour. it was FREEZING that night, but the tour was pretty cool.

we had planned a trip to belgium - one night in bruges and a stop in brussels. earlier last week though, there was a big and fatal commuter train crash right outside brussels. it shut down eurostar from london to brussels, and all the connecting trains were delayed or cancelled. we thought it would be smart to cancel our trip. good idea, but it's too bad! i would have loved to have drank beer and eaten chocolate for two days with hubby. we'll need to do eurotrip another time.

instead, we roamed around london like tourists. we climbed the 193 steps leaving the covent garden tube station. we had trappist beers and belgium food at belgo, and walked home by way of leicester square, trafalgar square, the mall and buckingham palace.

friday we headed to the museum of natural history. little did we know that it was half term and all the kid's were out of school, otherwise we would have stayed away. it was fun though, and always great to act like kids in a big museum.

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