March 7, 2010

A Day in Notting Hill

Pin It now! i made my way to notting hill this weekend to visit portobello road. it was just ok, and the reason i say that is because... 1) it was freezing, 2) i got disgustingly lost for an hour walking around in circles trying to find portobello road, and 3) i stepped in dog sh#t while i was walking around lost. when i finally found the ever-famous street, i was so annoyed, i just rushed through just to get pictures and to say i was there to visit. i did get a cherry compote cupcake at hummingbird bakery to make me feel better. the highlight on the trip was the travel know the place where a girl was just asking a boy to love her.

when rachel came to visit we tried to find the peter pan statute in hyde park. we walked the entire park and couldn't find it. when i stopped off on my way home to take some pictures of the fountains, i checked out what else was closeby and of course stumbled across peter pan on map...and there he was. this one's for you ray (miss you!)

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