March 6, 2010

Tim Burton...and Stories about your Parents

Pin It now! i love having random blog post titles. i feel like it'll draw you in and make you read my blog, and i'll try anything to do that.

anyway, i went to see tim burton's alice in wonderland today with susan. the movie was great. it's a bit different than the traditional story. surprisingly in burton's version, there's a love story. don't worry i won't give anything away.

tonight on tv, big fish is also on. i forget how much i love this story. i cried like a baby though. the movie made me realize that i want to make sure i know all the stories of my parents' lives. i'm really close to them, but i think i know very little about how they grew up. at least i wasn't paying too much attention when they were telling my brother and sister and i while we were growing up. the movie has inspired me to write it all down. i want to get it all down before it's too late (oh i know, that sounds terribly sad.) i'm sad too because i won't ever meet hubby's parents to hear their stories. i'm going to try to dig them out from him, his sisters and his aunts. he won't appreciate it now, but i hope he will when we have kids.

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