March 14, 2010

I Miss Home

Pin It now! i do. i know i'm not supposed to say that because it'll seem like i'm complaining about being lucky enough to be sent to london for 3 months and have the opportunity to experience this amazing part in my life. i miss home though. i miss my husband, i miss the 5 inches of rain nyc had this weekend, i miss walking through the craziness that is nyc. i only started feeling this way this past week (except for the hubby part). i can't say that the newness of living in a new city has worn away because it definitely hasn't. i love the fact that i learn something "english" every day (including the the london bus tranportation system and the part when i didn't know i was at the last bus stop even though everyone got off the bus and gave me strange faces as i let them pass by me). i think it's because i came here with a purpose - to whip my london work counterparts into shape. they've come a really long way and i've done the best and most i can do at work. maybe i feel like my services here are no longer needed. or maybe i'm tired of getting lost on another touristy trip i plan for myself (which makes me realize that my dreams to be on amazing race with hubby are over - i won't subject us to the kind of torture that would result from my horrible sense of direction). no, i'm not complaining, i'm just venting. don't worry, this will be the only time.

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