April 9, 2010

Is It Over Already?

Pin It now! i'm at heathrow (in the virgin atlantic upper class clubhouse!) on my way home to new york, and although i'm really excited to be going home, i'm feeling sad and nostalgic. the last three months have flown by. you know that feeling as you're packing at the end of the college spring semester? you're excited the year is over, but sad because you had an amazing time and wish you could hold on to those young and fun moments for just a bit longer. that's how this feels like. i had to pinch myself these past few months to make sure that this was my life. i felt like i was a world traveler and quite sophisticated. i felt like a grown-up. i know it's funny saying that when i'm already 31.

not only do i leave with such amazing memories, but this stint in london has certainly changed me. i feel more confident and assertive especially at work. i realize that i worked really hard to get where i am, that i'm not the intern or entry-level newbie and i shouldn't feel like one anymore, and best of all i'm proud of myself.

so going home on a high note is how it should be. see you on the other side.

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