April 1, 2010

The NJ Girls Take London

Pin It now! the girls flew in today and will be spending the rest of the time here with me in london. i love that i've had so many visitors while i was here. it made my time here fly by and i was able to experience everything here with all the people i love.

after work, i met the three lovely ladies at the tower hill station and we walked past tower hill, crossed the tower bridge, and then along the promenade. it was gorgeous night which made the tower bridge even more beautiful. we stopped by zizzi's for dinner. so delicious! i'm not sure what native londoners think of zizzi, but i think people here would think it's comparable to a high-scale olive garden (ex-pats, am i right?). i thought it was much nicer than any olive garden at home and the food was fantastic.

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