June 27, 2010

Hot Child in the City

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it is HOT in nyc!  another 90 degree day with what feels like 100% humidity.  hubby and i skipped the pride parade (yes, i know i said we were going to go) since it was too hot outside and we watch a movie instead.  you can't beat free air conditioning for two hours.  as we walked to the movie theather, we saw two of the pianos that are part of the luke jerram's art project "play me, i'm yours".  there are 60 pianos across nyc.  the project is also in london right now.  find one and play!

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Mrs. Yellow said...

Oh! I saw one in Prospect Park by the Carousel and I was wondering about that! Didn't know it was an art thing. Definitely beats some of those other city art projects.