June 26, 2010

Back in Jerz

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i went back to nj for a birthday dinner for my brother.  it was just me, my bro and my parents celebrating tonight.  hubby had a friend dinner and my sister had a lame excuse with work.  anyway, it was nice and chill.  we hung out at the apartment and ordered chinese food from down the street.  i made some sangria and brought crumbs cupcakes for dessert.

here's dad with his cappuccino cupcake (he didn't want a glam shot).  baby bro had his favorite pb&j, and my mom and shared a pistachio one.  delish!

i had to add this picture too...hubby and i went food shopping at whole foods earlier in the morning.  apparently emu eggs are edible.  they look like freakin' dinosaur eggs.  i'm curious on how it tastes, but i'm definitely not daring enough to try.  if you've scrambled up some emu eggs lately, let me know!

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