June 25, 2010

The Longest Day

Pin It now! do you ever feel completely accomplished after a really long and full day?  maybe i'm just glad i made it through all the way.  i was at work at the crack of dawn and worked until 2pm.  jumped on the 7 train out to flushing to meet one of my bride and grooms.  headed back into manhattan to meet clara and june at the frying pan for drinks.  dragged the two of them to zeppelin hall beer garden in jersey city for birthday drinks for my brother.  i've finally made it home and i'm excited to just pass out on the couch and watch tv (after writing this post of course).

i've been trying to take advantage of all the outdoor spaces during the summer and frying pan is on all the local magazine lists for best outdoor drinking.  if you haven't been there yet, GO!  it's fun...it's an old ship that's been converted into a big outdoor bar, and is docked right off the west side highway by 26th street.  i remember a decade ago it held late night dance parties...am i just dating myself now?!  the crowd was definitely young, but it was still a fun place to sit and drink.  i get seasick very easily though so even though the ship is huge and was docked, i still got a little queasy. 

zeppelin hall beer garden was even better.  even though we had to take the path and cross the river to jersey, it was worth going.  plus i was obligated since it's my brother's birthday tomorrow.  lots of good beer on tap and there is outdoor and indoor seating.  the place is perfect to watch world cup since they have a huge screen.

ok, my darlings...time for bed.  get ready for the heat!  it's going to be hot this weekend!

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