June 24, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

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hubby is having his monthly IT happy hour tonight so i'm at home and cooking for one, which means i can make whatever i want!  egg and bacon sandwich with a large side spinach salad and homemade balsamic
vinaigrette.  i feel like i'm breaking the rules by having breakfast for dinner.  i have all the food groups though - lots of protein, carbs and veggies.  i'm sure hubby will be jealous!

 {photo by hummingbirdappetite}


VA said...

love breakfast for dinner, but I also find myself searching for ketchup on everything. I also found your big fat italian and chinese wedding link on wedding project, and I followed your link to your blog. I would love to know what your menu was for your wedding? As I am trying to figure out how to also incorporate italian/chinese traditions and food.. many thanks for any suggestions!

Faith said...

that looks so yummy! i love breakfast for dinner too!