June 22, 2010

Spending Hiatus....Week Three

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Week three isn't going as well as the other two.  I went out for drinks with June last Saturday night at Press Lounge (the rooftop bar in the Ink48 Hotel) and my white sangria, although totally delicious with elderflower liqueur, was a hefty $16.  Oops!  Then I went shopping at Banana Republic.  To be fair though, I went during the 40% off pre-sale, got a price adjustment on Sunday when all the clothes when on an additional sale, and all the clothes were for work.  I know excuses, excuses.  The way i justify it...if i look better at work, they'll promote me and pay me more.  So far, I'm looking fabulous, still working on the second part. 

Then there were things that we had to spend...graduation gifts, Father's Day and Dad's birthday gift (gift certificate from Oriental Art Supply), cousin's daughter's birthday gift from Gap...

What I have been doing well on:  Cooking dinner and being great at bringing lunch to work.  No drycleaning.  No Starbucks.  Going to the gym and taking advantage of the extra classes (pilates, kickboxing and core conditioning).  As hubby always says, staying healthy is as good as gold.

My review on Press Lounge...LOVED IT!  Besides being all the way on 11th Ave and charging ridiculous expensive drinks, the place itself it beautiful.  There's an outside patio that wraps around the side of the hotel and it's loungey without being too crowded (although we were there early-ish at 8:30pm).  There's also an indoor bar area with fabulously tall ceilings to make the place feel even more open and loft-like.  If you go early it's great, but after 10pm, it'll get velvet-rope NYC on you...there was a line out the door when we left around 10:30, which is strange to see on 11th Avenue!

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