August 24, 2010


Pin It now! yesterday i went to the starbucks that is on along the way to my office (to be unnamed).  it's not my favorite because it has terrible customer service and takes twice as long to get anything there.  i've been getting plain bagels toasted with butter from starbucks for awhile.  it's the cheapest anywhere ($1) and they toast it for you.  however, this unfavorite starbucks of mine charged me $1.09 yesterday and i fought back.  ok, you're saying that's it's only 9c more, but now i have to dig out change (which i never have) or break out $2 which defeats the purpose of getting a $1 bagel.  i complained and i got a blank stare in return.  

apparently, i'm not the only one talking about this bagel tax.   after complaining about it when i got to work, my co-worker sent me a wsj article and it's been all over cnbc, nbc news, etc.   i thought i was being singled out and being charged indiscriminately but NYS has decided to tax "sliced bagels, prepared bagels (those with cream cheese, etc.) or bagels bought and consumed at place of purchase" a sales tax.

so much for the $1 bagel.   and yes, there is no other interesting news except for this bagel tax.  what did you expect for the end of the summer?