September 23, 2010

Dodgeball Ninjas

Pin It now! some of my friends and co-workers joined a dodgeball league.  you know, that grade school game you played during gym or on the playground.  it's just as intense and fun, but with formal rules and teams, and drinking is always involved (after the games of course).  tonight was our second game.  we're doing...better.  last year, i was on a similar team and we made it all the way to the playoffs and won the league championships so i had high expectations for our team this season.  i don't like losing in competitive sports.  actually, i'm a crazy person when it comes to anything competitive.  think monica on friends...

half of our team hadn't played before so last week's first game was a warm-up and an eye-opener that this season's "Casual" league is no joke.  tonight we were doing better and i'm sure as we get through the next few games, we're going to repeat our wins from last year!