October 4, 2010

First Day

Pin It now! it was the first day of my new job today.  i transferred groups within my company and i felt like the new kid in school even though i've been at the firm for five years.  i really liked what i did and i was good at it, but i was plateauing and getting very comfortable in the position.  i wouldn't have been able to grow or develop as much as i would have liked so it was time to move on.  luckily there was a position open in another group that would have fitted me really well.  i spoke with my then-boss, which was very awkward, but he was understanding and helped facilitate the transfer.  fast forward three months later (after having to find a replacement for my old job), and i'm here at my first day of work again.  i'm nervous and excited and ready to take on a new challenge... and desperately need to learn powerpoint!