October 11, 2010

The Amazing Race and My Dad is Asian

Pin It now! One of my favorite shows on TV is the Amazing Race.  It's because I desperately want to be on it and I think that Hubs and I would be fantastic on it.  Although by "fantastic" I mean we would make fantastic TV by arguing a lot on who is going in the right direction or who is messing up more.  Despite that, I think we would rock the competition with his brawn and my brains.  I'm jealous of the beautiful places the contestants get to travel to and the fun clue-solving challenges they get to do.  I can eat almost anything, am bungee-jumping adventurous and and not afraid of heights (a biggie on the show). 

My favorite team this season is father and son team, Michael and Kevin.  One, because they're Chinese.  Two, because Kevin is "famous" for making YouTube videos of his Dad.  Here's one my brother sent me recently for "My Dad is Asian".  By the way, my own dad...very Asian and it seems this video was made about him.

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