October 14, 2010

No Deal

Pin It now! So I had hinted that you should stay tuned for some good news.  The truth is that hubby and I bought a new apartment and will soon be first-time homebuyers.  Yay!  Bad news is that today was supposed to be our closing, but because of mortgage issues (not stemming from us), it's been delayed for who knows how long.  Boo...  If we closed today, we were planning on moving by the end of the month.  I already started planning and designing in my head...actually I printed out dozens of living room and bedroom examples and started packing a little.  'Sigh' I'm the most impatient person so this is a real test for me.  I'm trying not to get excited or expect anything yet until we're actually done with closing and have our keys in hand.  Hopefully it's soon!