January 10, 2011

First Time Skiing

Pin It now! On Sunday, a few of us headed out to Blue Mountain in the Poconos for my very first ski trip.  I know, how is it that I lived on the East Coast my entire life and have never gone skiing?  Skipped opportunities and and then anxiety.  Growing up, my family didn't ski.  In college, even though we were close to Vermont, I was a poor college student and couldn't afford it.  When I could afford it, I kept saying I would go, but I felt I was too old to actually start.  Finally....this past Sunday, I headed out with the Girls (one who skied just the weekend before, one who snowboards, and one who was a beginner like me).  I took a lesson with an instructor who seemed like he was boozing for breakfast, went down the bunny slopes a few times, and then went down one of the green slopes.  Slow skiing - I didn't think so!  I fell about twelve times getting down the hill, but I did it!  Most of the time I forced myself to fall because I thought I was going too fast and felt out of control.  The hardest part was getting the skis back on sideways on the slope.  I had a great time, but I think I might wait awhile before going again!

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Van said...

I'm envious! I'll go skiing one day- though I will likely injure myself!