January 24, 2011

The Lion King

Pin It now! My family and I finally went to see the Broadway musical Lion King .  It's been ten years in the making and we made it to the Minskoff Theater on Saturday for a matinee.  We've talked about going since it opened (then in the New Amsterdam Theater), but never actually made it.  Finally my sister rounded up the troops and bought tickets late last year.  It was AMAZING!  The costumes and puppetry were beautiful and made the animal characters come to life.  The musical follows the movie almost to a tee with a few extra scenes.  My favorite was the first scene with the Circle of Life song and where they introduced all of the animals including men on stilts dressed and moving like giraffes and elephants.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  As I've said before, Lion King is my favorite favorite Disney animated cartoon.  I loved all the songs and I loved the story.  I think Disney still has the movie locked away in their vault, but as soon as it's open...

No, you're not supposed to take pictures in the theater, but I couldn't resist.

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