January 25, 2011

Randoms for the Day

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  1. It's FREEZING!  And more snow is on the way.
  2. Why do people use those sidewalk ATMs that aren't associated with a bank?  They rip you off with fees and are great places for identity thieves to steal your bank info.  There are so many in my neighborhood and I saw three people using them just today.
  3. Have you seen Grandma's Boy?  Hubby and I actually saw it in the movie theater (I'm not sure why), but it's one of the funniest movies I've seen.  There's a guy in the movie that thinks he's a robot and dresses like he's in the Matrix (think Keanu Reeves in a long black vinyl trench coat).  I saw a guy on the street that looked EXACTLY like the robot guy.  I couldn't take my camera out quickly enough and he disappeared into the subway.  (In robot voice): "Please sit on my face."
  4. Smitten Kitchen is my go-to recipe savior.  Thank you Yael for pointing me in her direction.  I was craving a good goat cheese pasta dinner last night and bam! she had one.  Her recipe is here 

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