February 10, 2011

52 Weeks: Week 6, Nintendo World Store

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This Mario Brothers decal at the Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center reminds me of my brother.  He's a Nintendo fanatic.  I think he's gotten every version of the Nintendo console as they became available.  So by default, we've been a Nintendo family.  I think we got our first Nintendo NES for Christmas when I was 9, my brother was 7 and my sister was 2.  My baby sister was with my mom while she was wrapping the present and was told it was going to be a surprise.  I guess she didn't quite grasp the surprise concept because she kept repeating "-tendo, -tendo" as best she could.  I don't think my brother cared - he got a Nintendo!  Ever since then, we've been very faithful to the Nintendo empire - from my dad playing Tiger Heli in one sitting years ago to hubby and I getting addicted to playing House of the Dead; Overkill on the Wii.

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