March 16, 2011

New Additions

Pin It now! I can't to live without the two new things I bought and I can't believe I didn't get them sooner.  The first is a satchel bag from H&M.  My right shoulder has been aching from carry too many things in my shoulder bag.  I needed to downsize and to get a bag that went across the body without putting all the weight and pressure on one shoulder.  Ideally, I was eyeing this gorgeous bag from Coach, but I think I would have to save a few more pennies to buy it.  In the meantime, this new addition is making me feel much better and forces me to fit only the things I really need.
My other new addition...these boots from Naturalizer (purchased through Zappos)...I LOVE Zappos because they make wide (W and WW) size shoes. This lady has tiny feet but boy are they wide! It's genetics - my mom has bunions (gross word) and my aunt had surgery years ago to get rid of hers. Surgery is not an option so Zappos has saved the day. I tried on many (many, many) pairs and after taking advantage of the online store's free shipping and returns, I ended up with the perfect pair. They're so comfortable and my wide feet fit so well without my toes getting squished. I've been wearing them al the time and have just left them on all day at work.

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missemi said...

cute boots!! i might have to get a pair now ;p