March 15, 2011

Our First Place: The Pouf

Pin It now! Our first contact with a pouf was at cb2.  It's the perfect foot rest, but at $79 a pop, it hardly fits into our budget.  Isn't it pretty though...the chunky knit is really popular now and the colors (in grey and blood orange) are fabulous.

What about these beauties from a furniture in Williamsburg?  These caught hubby's eye, but he walked away when he saw the $400 price tag.  Keep backing up hon, far away!  Again, very pretty...

At the end, hubby found the perfect pouf (this story sounds a little like Goldilocks) from Etsy seller aletafae.  (Check out the other items in her store!)  It's perfect with our red corduroy couch and for half the price, we have a new addition to our den.

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