March 14, 2011

The Weekend

Pin It now! Busy weekend, and on top of that, the boiler in our building is broken so we haven't had hot water for the entire weekend.  Getting used to cold showers is not my idea of fun.  Anyway, my cousin was one of the leads in his high school musical Godspell and my sister and I headed up to the Upper West Side to see him perform on Friday night.  I didn't even know this kid could sing!  He was fantastic.  I babysat this kid when he was little and now he's on staging performing - yes, it makes me feel old(er).

On Saturday, the French invited me to a friend's art studio opening in Williamsburg.  J has a couple of Stefano Di Cicco's paintings in her own apartment, and she said that this collection was a lot more aggressive than his previous pieces. 
After the opening, the highlight of the night was heading over to Dram for drinks.  I had read about this place a while ago and was really excited to get drinks there.  It definitely didn't disappoint.  The drinks were delicious.  I'm not a drinker especially with harder alcohol, but I could have had ten of their Viceroy Daisies (gin, pineapple and orange juice, vermouth...).  Don't worry I didn't - I just had one.  Their chorizo tortilla was also delicious - perfectly seasoned and lots of pieces of chorizo.  We were impressed by the wood paneling in the entire place, including the ceilings.  It looked a like a cross between a speakeasy and Swedish sauna.  Who wants to join me there again this week?

Photo by Jackie Neale Chadwick via

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