March 9, 2011

Our First Place: Loving the Pillows

Pin It now! Hubs: "More pillows?  Now it's going to be a pillow couch"
Me"You can never have too many pillows?"

I like to think it's true.  It's like you can never have too many shoes.  Never.  I thought the living room couch was set with its pillows ...

Then I see these cuties at Kmart.  For less than $15, I was sold (Pottery Barn had similar ones for much more and they were only pillow covers).  Look at how darling the linen fabric is and of course I can't get over the buttons.  So we're going to have a pillow couch because I can't choose which ones to return.  It's like choosing one child as your favorite.  Not going to happen.

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