May 13, 2011

Haircuts & Yankee Games

Pin It now! Last night we went to our first Yankee game of the season.  Ok, we were in the 400 section, but they were $5 seats and the view was still really good.  The highlight of the night was the food (it was 6-0 Kansas City in the second inning which was basically the story for the entire game): garlic fries, hot dogs, cracker jack and (watered down) beer.  Delicious and we were happy campers.
Have you ever seen that Mastercard commercial showing a family at a baseball game and Frank Sinatra's Summer Winds is playing in the background?  It always reminds me of going to games in-person and invokes such a wonderful feeling and how wonderful a day like that can be.

I finally got a haircut today too, and it's been way too long between cuts.  I went back to my old stylist, Jeffrey, in my old neighborhood.  I've been going to him for years, but after moving to Brooklyn, I thought it would be more convenient to find a place near my apartment.  Even though my old salon is now a little out of the way, I'm back for good.  Jeffrey is Cantonese, knows how to cut my Chinese hair and I always feel better once I leave the salon.  The lady I went to a couple of times in Wburg was ok, but she stunk of cigarettes and body odor.  Yeah, not a good combination when you're inches away from her for an hour at a time.  The haircut cost twice as much too so it was a no brainer.  Don't you feel wonderful after a new haircut?

Have a great weekend!  What are you up to?  (We have a wedding tomorrow and it's in Manhattan so no travelling - yay!)  Don't forget - the 9th Avenue Food Festival is this weekend.  Of course we're going!

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