May 17, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

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Does anyone remember what the sun looks like?  Or a warm spring day?  It's day four of the rainy weather and it's expected to continue to rain until the weekend.  Boo for the rain!  This weather puts such a damper on my mood.  I've been grumpy and sleepy all day.  All I want is to take a nap or watch a movie in my pj's.  Even though it doesn't feel like it, it's spring and in couple of weeks, the official start of summer, a time to be productive and outdoors! 

I have a few projects coming up: a wedding I'm planing at the Bronx Zoo, possibly a baking event in my building and finishing up the (first round of) home decorating of our apartment.  So this weather betters start cooperating and boost my motivation and get my lazy butt into gear.

{Photo by nycpix}

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