May 5, 2011

Spring Days

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We're in the midst of spring and it's absolutely lovely.  Every day isn't warm and sunny, but I guess that's to be expected.  Tuesday was beautiful t-shirt weather; yesterday was pouring rain; today was sunny but chilly.  Ahh, the unpredictability of the season.  On the lovely days though, we've taken advantage of the sunshine and try to forget how long and miserable this winter was.  I love that the trees are blooming, the tulips are out, and everyone is in a better mood.  I've shed the thick winter rights and swapped them for my sandals (although today, being a little chillier than expected, I should have worn the boots).  I'm putting away the wool coat and thick sweaters this weekend and taking out all my summer clothes.  Doesn't the thought of warmer weather just make you happier?

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