May 4, 2011

Dinner with an Old Friend

Pin It now! We had dinner with one of my closest friends, Alysse, and her (new!) fiance last night.  She just got engaged and we met her fiance for the first time.  It was only dinner and dessert, but I can tell he adores and loves her to pieces.  Alysse and I go way back - we met during college orientation, almost 15 years ago!  She's the kind of friend that knows all your secrets and insecurities and still loves you without judgment.  She's the kind of friend that calls you up from another country because she needs to hear a familiar voice.  She sends cards... by regular mail... just because.

Alysse and Matt were in town just for the night and it happened that we were able to grab dinner at Morandi.  It was a lovely night and perfect for sitting outside.  We ordered the stuffed olives (of course) and I had the perfect portion of linguine with clam sauce.  Michael suggested we go to the pastry shop, Rocco's, after dinner but this weekend it unexpectedly closed, so we went for gelato at Grom in stead.  We got a combination of tiramisu and pistachio.  Delicious!

She's starting her residency in New York in June so I'm lucky enough to have her in the same city for now.  I can't wait until she's moved and settled in!

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