May 1, 2011

Any Given Sunday

Pin It now! Michael and I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather to walk around the neighborhood.  It was really crowded near the Brooklyn Flea so we headed north and east and just wandered around.  We had brunch at Fada, an adorable French Bistro, and had the most delicious asparagus, fennel and gorgonzola quiche.  It was light and cream and the portion was perfect.  We were able to snag a table by the front and people-watched as we ate.  Lots of people out with their dogs.  Lots of pugs and French bulldogs.  We also wandered into a warehouse with second-hand goods.  For some reason we found a lot of things that were good for vampire-hunting: long railroad nails, some wooden tool that looked like a giant fruit juicer, and old rusty hammers.  Yes, it's scary that both of our first reactions were to hunt vampires, but being prepared might be useful one day.

We headed towards home and hubby dropped me off at the Brooklyn Flea.  Although the Flea opened up in Williamsburg a few weeks ago, I finally made it there today.  There were a lot of fun items, but it was way too crowded.  I didn't do my research on who was there today so I was just wandering around aimlessly snapping pictures without being productive on who was actually there and what they were selling.  I got yelled at by one vendor who said I should have asked before photographing (oops!) so I thought it best to take that as my exit signal.  I'll stop by again in a few weeks with more direction and try some of the food stalls (by the way, Smorgasburg opens May 21).  Today though, here are some random pictures (sorry, I can't attribute which vendors these are from).

I'm not sure what wore me out today (too much quiche!), but I closed my eyes for what was supposed to be a 30 minute nap and didn't get off the couch for 3 hours! I vaguely remember Michael saying he was cleaning the bathroom and the Angry Birds music playing in the background. I didn't even feel tired, but I guess my body thought otherwise. I'm sure I won't be able to sleep tonight. How was your weekend?

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