June 2, 2011

Growing Up and Passing Along Some Wisdom

Pin It now! How did I get to a point where I was the adult and the one giving advice?  I know I never give myself credit and I still feel like a kid, but in the last month, I've been asked to impart wisdom and the experiences I've had in my career over the last 6 years to those who have started their careers after me. 

Last week, I met up with someone who was trying to get a Compliance position in my company and we met up for drinks.  I know she's been anxious to leave her current position and usually networking is to learn more about the company or business before flat out asking for a job, but I guess I'll help wherever I can.  I told her awhile ago I also love party planning and have been planning weddings for fun, and when she told her boyfriend this, he said I was the person she strives to be.  Amazing!  I look up to all the women who have these amazing design and lifestyle blogs and here's someone who looks up to me.  Just passing it along...

Also, a co-worker who has been organizing a mentoring program through work asked if I would mentor some of the high school students in the program by doing mock interviews.  The interviews were so much fun!  I've interviewed people before (for actual positions in my old department), but helping high school students through such a stressful process was a lot more exciting and rewarding, especially when they were interviewing for positions at Starbucks and Macy's (two of my favorite stores).

At the end of June, I'm speaking on a panel at the New York City Bar Association about Careers in Compliance.  I'm really excited for this event, although I'm super nervous.  I've been to a lot of panels for school or Continuing Legal Education but I've always been the student or attendee.  Here I'll be presenting and up on a podium talking about myself and giving advice!  Very exciting, but again, totally scary!  I certainly didn't follow the typical post law school path by going into Compliance (and not practicing!) so I'm sure sharing my experiences and career choice will help another person find their way.  Sometimes I wish I had someone telling me which way to go...

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