June 7, 2011

Lady Gaga in the House!

Pin It now! I had the most fabulous celeb sighting today... Lady Gaga!  She was going up for a XM Sirius Satellite show and she came through my office building.  I was arms length away from her and she was totally fabulous!
I used to think she was a bit annoying and a copycat of Madonna.  I actually told the DJ at our wedding not to play any of her songs (the horror!).  I watched her in a few interviews though and read her bio in New York Mag recently, and I adore her now.  What caught me was that there are so many people, especially those who feel like outsiders, who find inspiration and hope in her and her songs.  She's a bit freaky but she's honest and real, or as real as a person who wears a meat dress can be!

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