June 6, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Pin It now! This weekend I helped a friend's friend plan her wedding at the Bronx Zoo.  It was a lot of fun but completely exhausting.  I felt hungover on Sunday even though I didn't drink the day before!  I've said a few times I'm done with wedding planning but somehow I keep getting sucked back in.  Despite the endless (seriously, endless!) emails and telephone calls, when I watched the bride and groom take their vows during the ceremony, listened to the bridal party speeches and watched a slide show of the couple's photos, I remember why I love weddings.  No matter how much drama there was or how much stress was created leading up to the big day, the wedding day is filled with joy and happiness.  Always!  (At least the weddings I've been to!).  It also reminds me of my darling husband and how amazing our wedding day was.

The Bronx Zoo is a wonderful place to have your wedding.  It's a bit magical since there are animals all around you.  Peacocks were walking around the zoo grounds and one was even hanging out on the zoo center building during the ceremony.  The cocktail hour was in the Madagascar exhibit, which houses the lemurs, and it ended at the sea lion pool.

I'm not sure why I didn't take more photos - I think the only one I took was one of the groomsmen boutonnieres.  Once the photographer has photos up, I'll send them through.  I have to point out one vendor, the florist (Starbright Floral) who is completely AMAZING.  The bride's bouquet was especially gorgeous with roses, orchids and a peacock feather.

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