June 9, 2011

Our First Place: Our Den

Pin It now! Also known as the man cave...although it's a very chic man cave.  Although our sales agent and the building call this room a home office (because it doesn't have a window), it's become our very cozy den.  I love calling it a den because it evokes a warm and homey lived-in space.  It definitely feels like a home.

We didn't start from scratch with this room so it was completed much quicker than the living room (yes, still in progress and I promise to post soon).  We have our red couch, side tablles, media console and our TV from the old apartment.  We added a small couch for more seating, wall decor and a bookcase (from IKEA), and an ottomon and pouf for nice and relaxing leg rests.  Michael wanted to decorate this one room on his own without any input from me and he did a fantastic job.  Yes, it was difficult keeping my mouth shut and I would add a few more things, but that's a compromise, right?  My favorite things in the room: the new brown couch (it's incredibly soft and comfortable - perfect for falling asleep while watching TV) and the New York City map print (I love the dark graphic style and it's of NYC).

(Somehow one item is still around.  Remember this?)

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