June 9, 2011

Taste of Times Square

Pin It now! M and I made it to the Taste of Times Square on Monday with a few friends.  Every year we try to get to the big food festivals and this one is always on the list.  They moved the tents from along 46th Street to the pedestrian plaza in Times Square along Broadway.  There seemed to be a lot more vendors this year, but it was definitely just as crowded.  I guess with so many tourists already in Times Square, there were that many more people who wanted a bite to eat.  The portions this year seemed bigger which was a plus, and even though it seems like $20 worth of tickets (with dishes at 2-4 tickets each) wouldn't be enough for the two of us, we always have extra tickets.  What did we eat you ask...crab cakes, Cuban sandwich, been empanada, spicy steak tri-tips, riblets, shots of Snapple's new Amazing Race papaya mango iced tea, and a slice of Junior's cheesecake with strawberry topping.  Delicious!

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