August 9, 2011

The Rest of the (Long) Weekend

Pin It now! I started the long weekend on Thursday night with a free INXS concert at the Beacon Theatre.  Free!  I won them from a radio contest.  Earlier in the week, WPLJ was giving away free tickets to INXS if you were caller 95.  Michael thinks I was the only caller that morning to they had to give the tickets to anyone who called.  Whatever - I love INXS.  My favorite song is Beautiful Girl and I remember buying all their albums decades ago when I first heard the song on the radio.  M and I actually went to their concert in 2006 at Radio City Music Hall right after the reality show ended and the band found a new lead vocalist.  That concert was amazing - we didn't have any expectations and it was so much better than we thought it was going to be.  the new lead vocal JD Fortune was spot on and it was a little spooky how he sounded like Michael Hutchence.  Tonight's concert was for their Original Sin album which are remakes of their old songs. I was really disappointed because I didn't like the new version of Beautiful Girl, which was the one song I was looking forward to.  I'll see them again (if I win free tickets).

On Monday, we threw a birthday BBQ for the hubs (Happy birthday my darling!). I made a second batch of jello shots and a Macedonia berry salad (recipe is from Debi Mazar's show Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel - recipe is here).  Meatball Shop was my inspiration of the orange creamsicle jello shot - when we went a few weeks ago, the orange creamsicle was delicious.  I couldn't resist to make it on a large scale for the party.  The party was fun and we had a lot more people than expected.  Ed Westwick made an appearance too... yeah, because we roll like that. 
(posted with L's permission)

Just a note... to my husband and very best friend.  It's been 2 & 6 years together.  I'm thankful for every day and it's definitely an amazing ride.  I get weepy because I always daydreamed how I would be all grown up, and this life right now with you is better than I could have ever imagined.

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