August 10, 2011

Spending Hiatus - Week 1

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I think I did pretty well for week 1.  This week was all about decreasing the number of times I went out to eat, and for the most part I was on track.

I brought breakfast and lunch from home every day during the work week.  I even got treated to lunch at Sushiden last Thursday.  Michael and I (to be completely correct, just Michael) cooked dinner during the week except for Thursday when Alysse and I grabbed dinner at Hummus Place before our (free) INXS concert.  I also had AMC coupons I bought ages ago through work that discounts movies at any AMC theater and I used them for movie night with the girls last week.

Unfortunately for this spending hiatus, this weekend made it difficult to stay on track since we had our anniversary dinner and had to prep for the birthday BBQ.  It's only once a year though so we went all out, and it was worth it!  Otherwise, no other shopping last week.  Back on course and will delete back next week.

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