August 17, 2011

Spending Hiatus - Week 2

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Another week successfully bringing breakfast and lunch from home (for the most part).  Em bought me a can of Financier coffee (people actually read my blog!) which comes in the cutest tin can.  This baby will be properly reused after the coffee is all gone.  I've also been having Trader Joe's frozen pasta for lunch.  Affordable and delicious.  You can usually get two servings from each bag but lately I've been having the entire bag in one sitting.

My "bad" day was Tuesday. I was lazy in the morning and didn't prepare lunch.  Luckily, Cafe Metro had a 25% off discount if you ordered online (use the code 25OFF).  I had to buy but I bought it on sale.  Tuesday night I also went out with my neighbor Annie to trivia night at the Brooklyn Winery.  No discount on the wine or food but I did get the fig crostini that was to die for.  Roasted figs with honey, cheese and a balsamic reduction. 

M and I had to buy some toiletries and took advantage of CVS' coupons and sales, although one of the allergy medicine boxes we bought BOGO 50% off only had half the packs inside.  Not worth the sale!  This weekend we had a family BBQ so again we did big bags of food shopping, but for the most part, we cooked meals at home the rest of the weekend.  Otherwise, I'm feeling good.  I realized that even if I didn't freeze all spending, I'm taking baby steps with bringing breakfast and lunch to work, which will make that much of a difference.  On to the next week.... 

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