August 29, 2011

The Weekend - Hurricane Irene Edition

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Friday night: We watched the news as everyone along the East Coast was preparing for Irene. It was really calm in Brooklyn and a gorgeous night. We were going to stay in, but last minute we headed out for dinner at the Thai restaurant down the street. Their food is always delicious and drinks we got (me, lychee bellini & hubs, cucumber citrus something) were amazing. We walked around the park and the pier for one last look before the storm. It really was beautiful - like they say, the calm before the storm.

Saturday, waiting as the storm rolls in...filling bathtubs just in case.

Saturday night...eating and drinking everything we can.  (A neighbor made vodka and Crystal Lite - aren't those blue glasses adorable!). There were a few neighbors who also stayed in the building and ignored the mandatory evacuation. We all got together and had a hurricane party, which began at our place. Cheese plate, bottles of Kraken spiced rum, Blue Label, White Hennessey, and lots of wine. The guys had to watch UFC so we apartment hopped a few more times. The rain came down pretty hard but we still were able to sneak outside for a little bit to see what the storm was all about.

Then Sunday...(Michael went out with the camera and took a few photos of the neighborhood.)  Luckily not too much damage, no flooding and no power outages where we were.

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