August 31, 2011

August Spending Hiatus - Weeks 3 & 4 and the Wrap- up

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It's been a blur these couple of weeks.  Plus with the hurricane, we stocked up on a lot of things we didn't have, so it's a strange week to wrap up a spending hiatus.  Overall, the month went really well.  I feel lighter (maybe because I worried less) and accomplished.  I'm finally in the habit of bringing breakfast and lunch to work every day.  Lesson learned - keep doing something for a month and it'll become your routine and much easier to continue to do. 
Michael and I also started using the slow cooker we bought and it's fabulous.  He gets the pork shoulder or butt, which is relatively inexpensive compared to other cuts, and pops it into the slow cooker for a few hours. A five pound cut can easily feed six people and we still had leftovers.  Last week I had pulled pork four meals in a row.  Try it, you'll love it.
Stuff sold at Crossroads Trading

This month, I didn't make any non-essential purchases either. No clothes, no shoes, no home goods.  That made a big difference too.

So what does this all mean...
1.  Spend less (which also means save more)
2.  Eat healthier
3.  Conserve by reusing and recycling more.  (I didn't really talk about this during the month but it ended up being a nice by-product of the whole process)

1.  The amount I saved equalled one student loan payment, about $300. Breakfast $3 per day + Lunch avg $8.50 per day = $230
Resold clothes and cellphone: $80
2.  I definitely have been eating better.  By bringing and preparing food from home, you can control the amount of sugar and processed foods you eat.  I've been having lots of oatmeal and whole grains.  Lots of veggies and fruits. 
3.  I actually don't know how conservation is connected to spending less money but somehow I've been really good about recycling and reusing stuff around the house this month.  I'll figure it out...

Not bad...

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Crystal said...

$300 is actually a good amount in savings for the month. It's crazy how fast eating out for breakfast and lunch can add up.